Which team do you hate the most?

From Danny Briere's press conference on July 12.

Q: Having had success with Chris Drury, how will it be playing against him eight times each season?

Briere: We already talked about that, that we won’t be able to talk to each other much during the season. But you know I am excited about the rivalry. This is what is fun about playing hockey, when you have the chance to be in a heated rivalry like we have here with the Rangers. I can’t wait to be part of it and to start hating the Rangers just like everybody else (laughs).

A heated rivalry with the Rangers?
So Briere can't wait to be a Ranger hater. The Rangers are not the first team that come to my mind in regards to hating or being a rivalry. If Drury would have gone to say the Capitals would Briere be a Capital hater?
Which team do you hate and why?

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