Flyers Gagne Exhiled to Tampa


What did Simon Gagne do to deserve this? After a decade of service, 259 goals, playoff heroics and countless other memories, his salary just became too much for the Flyers to deal with. Never a team that’s been known for their cap management, they were once again up against the wall after recent trades and signings. So they asked Simon to waive his no trade clause, and he complied. And of all the places they could have sent him, he goes to freaking Tampa Bay ?!?! He came back from injury and made an immediate impact in these past playoffs. OT goal in game 4 to cut the Bruins lead to 3-1, and then the game-winner in the 3rd period of Game 7 to complete the historic comeback. So we thank him for everything by shipping him to hockey wasteland

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  • timpduffy

    Hate to break it to ya but Gagne is thrilled to be going to Tampa – he won Olympic gold with Yzerman and he gets some exciting offensive players to hook up with – I’m sure he wouldn’t have waived his no-trade clause if he didn’t want to play there – here’s a link to Gagne saying how excited he is: – judge for yourself.