Is Anyone Luckier Than Marty Turco?


Marty Turco is a 34 year old goalie, played for a good Dallas Stars franchise that has been on the downswing for the past two seasons, and only went deep into the playoffs once in 9 seasons. Courtesy: YardBarker He’s always been a top notch goalie, putting up excellent numbers during good and bad seasons.  He’s not the one to blame for the Stars’ shortcomings. Still, they decided to let him go, and move in another direction. He’s not completely over the hill, and he can still play, so he’ll be commanding a decent salary and a starting job. Now most of the time, when a good goalie hits the free agent market, they most likely end up with teams that are rebuilding or somewhere in the middle of the pack and need a change to help them join the elite. Not Marty , apparently. According to this CSN article , he’s being sought by the cream of the crop.

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