Jim Jackson and the Magical Moustache


A pleasant good evening everybody, and welcome to Flyers hockey. I began watching hockey religiously during the lockout-shortened season in 1994-95.  Eric Lindros was the top young player in the game, the orange and black were returning to the playoffs after a 5 year break, and a lot of the games were on Prism. Jim Jackson was pretty much starting out his career as the play by play man for the Flyers , as the great Gene Hart was finishing his career up. JJ was partnered with Gary Dornhoefer then, and the two made a pretty good team. JJ front and center, with his Motley Crue behind him. Through the years, players have changed, broadcast deals changed, color commentators have changed, coaches have changed, the building has changed, but Jim Jackson has remained. And throughout the years, he was easily recognizable because of his signature mustache

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