Never Too Late to Tinker


I know the Flyers are cash strapped and there’s no cap space to sign anyone (not that there’s anyone out there worth signing).  That doesn’t rule out the opportunity for trades, however. As you should know, I write once a week for our NHL site, Too Many Men on the Site . My latest feature was about Bobby Ryan , of the Anaheim Ducks . There were whispers of a trade that would bring him to Philly earlier this summer, but I haven’t heard anything in a few months.  As we know, hockey features significantly more trades than the other major sports, and it can happen almost at any time.  I want the Flyers to go hard after Ryan NOW! Courtesy: If you’re on the main BSB page, please click Continue Reading to see the rest of this post. How could this guy not be a perfect fit? He’s local, he’s tough as nails, and he can score some goals.  I’m really worried about our lack of depth at the wing position, especially with Gagne leaving the team.  I do think that Zherdev will provide some offense, but he’s somewhat streaky.  Maybe he’s turned a new leaf, maybe he’ll be better.  But Ryan is a proven commodity. He’ll average about 30 goals per season, and it worth about $4-5M per season for at least the next 4-5 seasons. You may be wondering why he’s on the trading block if he’s a good, young player.  Well, right now he’s a restricted free agent, who wants to stay in Anaheim , but they can’t agree on a deal.  Training camp is getting closer and closer, and still they have nothing.  Sure, he can sign elsewhere and the Ducks will receive compensation.  They’re better of dealing him for current players, and knowing what they’re getting, rather than hoping a draft pick develops into a good player.  So, what do we have the Anaheim would want

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