The NHL: Where Any Bum Can Get $1M


Remember that painful day in June, when the Blackhawks clinched the Stanley Cup on our home ice. Remember in the aftermath, that bum Adam Burish was trash talking Pronger .  Remember when he said that he hates Prongs , and if he saw him again, he’d punch him in the face?  Flyers fans, time to mark our calendars.  On Saturday, February 5th, 2011, Burish comes back to town. Someone please hit me! (Courtesy: If you are on the main BSB page, please click Continue Reading to see the rest of the post. The Dallas Stars just signed him for 2 years and $2.3M .  What in the hell are they thinking, giving this bum this much money? Did he blow them away with his 11 goals in 169 career games?  Is it his “toughness” and 323 penalty minutes? Is it his Stanley Cup Champion status that dazzled the Stars ? The status that he earned while playing an average of 5 minutes a game in the finals. No, it must be the fact that he promised to help their farm system, because he’d make a damn good minor leaguer.

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