Vanilla Ice Cream Dipped in Chocolate

Every sporting arena is an experience, both on the field of play, and on the concourse. Every stadium has the usual: pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, soda, beer.  Then of course there are the local favorites: cheesesteaks, deep dish pizza, sushi.  Now, I understand that stadium fare is a bit of a rip off, so many people go out to eat before a game.  Some places (baseball and football stadiums) allow you to bring some food inside with you.  But when you’re at the Wells Fargo Center, there’s one thing you cannot skip: the vanilla ice cream, dipped in chocolate. Talk about $4.25 well spent. For that haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.  There are a few different types of ice cream sold at the WFC, all of which are pretty good. But they’re not as good as this one. It begins with a rather normal, waffle cup

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