Guerin, No Thanks


So my daily visit to the Flyers website revealed an interesting piece of news.  Bill Guerin had an informal skating session with our boys, with permission from Paul Holmgren . He downplays the significance, saying that he was visiting family in the area, and just wanted to skate a bit. I call bullshit! I do not want him wearing Orange and Black; he’s not welcome. But I have a sneaking suspicion that he’ll get a chance to earn a roster spot. Yeah, keep looking away. (Courtesy: It’s not about whether or not he can play and contribute something to the team (he can).  It’s about his history, and what he’s been a part of over the years. He’s been a significant part of two franchises that rolled over us in the Eastern Conference Finals en route to a Stanley Cup Championship.  And it’s not just any franchises, it’s two out of our biggest rivals of all time: the New Jersey Devils (1995) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (2009)

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