I Want More Preseason Games On TV

The local TV schedule was released yesterday, following last weeks announcement of the national TV schedule .  I noticed that only one of the games will be on Comcast Sportsnet, and two on The Comcast Network.  That leaves 5 games without TV coverage. I know all 8 games will be on the radio, but it’s not the same.  Baseball and football work well on radio because those sports have a lot of starting and stopping. Hockey, a real man’s sport, is much more free flowing, and just listening to play by play simply doesn’t do it justice. It’s not that preseason hockey is so great and that I can’t stand missing games as if they counted. I like to see the different line combinations, I like to see the players trying to make the team, and I like to somewhat get a feel for how the veterans look.  In contrast to preseason football, a preseason hockey game is actually pretty fun.  There’s no such thing as vanilla offense, every guy (veteran or rookie) busts his ass on every shift, and the pace is pretty close to how it will be in the regular season.

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