Fly-by: Oilers 2, Flyers 0

           Briere, Giroux & Laviolette   James van Riemsdyk ...

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One thought on “Fly-by: Oilers 2, Flyers 0

  1. There is a real stench coming from the Wells Fargo Center.
    I’m not sure if the problem is the players, coach, or the GM.
    I think the fans are just tired, tired of hearing the same old crap about “tonight is just unacceptable” “we got off to a slow start” ect,ect…..
    This just looks like a lazy, coddled team. Of course all points in this league are hard to come by, but this team, on some nights, just looks indifferent.
    Not being ready to play in the first period is, in my mind, a coaching issue, and very much a bad reflection on the staff. While this did not happen in Edmonton, it has happened far too often, so far, this year.
    This terrible goaltending is also a problem, although that did not appear to be the reason for this latest loss, as the Flyers really created very few quality scoring chances while I watched. It must be very frustrating to the team, when they are in a tight game, and the goalie(either one) seems to give up an easy goal, when they get pressed.
    Lately, when the team gets down by more than a goal, I just shut them off, as I have very little confidence in them coming back. That miracle they pulled off in Winnipeg, happens far too infrequently.
    If this keeps up, the management better get ready for a sea of empty seats at WFC.
    This team is dropping like a rock in the standings.

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