Paul Holmgren comments February 19

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren talks trade deadline.

One thought on “Paul Holmgren comments February 19

  1. Clearly; Pittsburgh has demonstrated their team is woefully inadequate against the Flyers; so much so that Pittsburgh has to resort to injuring as many Flyers as possible trying to level the playing field.
    The Flyers organization is fully justified to take legal action against Pittsburgh ownership and the NHL for official allowance of unsportsmanlike play with intent to injure.
    When a player leaves both feet to deliver a hit around the head as happened yesterday with no penalty levied; a full investigation is justified and legal action warranted against the perpetrator and management responsible for such heinous action.
    It doesn’t matter what sport it happens in. It cannot be allowed to continue and severe penalty is justified including termination of contracts from top to bottom in any organization.
    Superior athletes deserve the best protection possible to prevent injury. Officials who forget injury should not be allowed must also be removed from their respective positions; top to bottom.
    I have been an official in little league sports for many years and every time I take the field injury prevention is foremost in my mind. Today some officials are forgetting that is their primary purpose before all others.

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