Hulkamania comes to Philly


Remember the Penguins fan who looked and acted like professional wrestling Hulk Hogan when the Flyers had a late-season, late-game fights in Pittsburgh? The Flyers' first response came that day when left wing Scott Hartnell cupped a hand to the ear ala Hogan, then management topped that in Game 3 in a big way. First, everyone attending received an orange T-shirt with a picture of Hartnell acting like Hogan plus a Hulk-like banana, and the topper came late in the game on the videoboard when Hogan himself delivered a message while ripping off one those Hartnell shirts: "Hey Flyers fans, this is the real Hulk Hogan and I know you've been saying your prayers and eating your vitamins. I got one thing to say: Whatcha can do when Flyers mania runs wild on you?" Here's the Hogan video Flyers fans saw: And here's how a Canadian television station broadcasting the game showed and described it:

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