A Strange and Unnecessary Dance: The Hockey Interview


This is a straight up cut and paste job, except that I had to retype this whole thing because it was written back in the day when books were printed on paper. What's up with that? I've been reading this excellent book about the 1980-81 Oilers for the past couple years (slow reader) and recently came across a great section that made me actually LOL. I can't believe things were exactly the same THIRTY years ago, and the hockey news industry as continued to chug along like there's no other way to handle the situation. From Peter Gzowski's The Game of Our Lives: "With broadcasters and the press, Fuhr showed a still more remarkable facet of his personality

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Wayne Simmonds Steps Up Again

During last night's very fulfilling 400-2 win over the Blue Jackets, Wayne Simmonds stood up for his younger teammates so that Derek Dorsett could move onto ruining shutouts, getting stitched up, and other more worthwhile pursuits. Simmonds' acumen in deciding when to fight and then his skill during those fights has really surprised me this season. I knew he would shed the mittens from time to time, but I didn't know he'd be any good at it. His 3 years in LA were marked with draws against the likes of Andrew Alberts, Colin Fraser, and Mike Brown, as well as short, not terribly exciting wins against big-time brawlers like Max Pacioretty, Jeff Woywitka, and Mark Fistric

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A Couple QuickMemes for Tonight’s Game


If you're not trolling Reddit, or haven't stumbled upon these quickmemes before, you got a lot of laughin' to do. Our favorite, by far, is the Socially Awkward Penguin . Annoying Facebook Girl is up there too. If you want to make some of your own mail 'em over to [email protected] and we'll post them up here.

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Dan Carcillo Nets First as a Blackhawk

Daniel Carcillo hasn't had the fasted start in his new, sweet home, Chicago. After 8 games all he had to show in his stat line were two assists and two penalty miinutes. That's right, in his new home Daniel Carcillo has failed to drop the gloves. Or earn a misconduct. Surprising

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Asian Markets Open on Winter Classic Resale Tickets


Not really, but some...less entrepreneurial we'll say...ticket holders have already gone and put their Winter Classic tickets on sites such as StubHub, eBay, and TiqIQ THE BEST TICKET RESALE VENDOR IN THE 8 PLANETS. Perhaps these people are looking to get their cash before there's a possible backlash against outrageous pricing? Maybe looking to make some loot before the 99% take over

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Yablonski Drops ‘Bows in the KHL

For those of you who don't know, straight up thuggery on ice has moved from 1970's North America to the KHL. It was a seamless transition and the change management process has been progressing smoothly. There were the line brawls , the goalie fights , the "fights" with maniacal laughing .

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Flyers Forwards Need To Stop Diddling


I've reviewed the tape six times now. And someone who stood out, in not a great way, during last night's 4-3 shootout loss to the Devils, is Braydon Coburn. With Chris Pronger on sick leave all the Flyers defensemen have been asked to step up in his absence. Not only that, but they also have been forced to change their routines, to break habit and play with a number of different defensive partners. Sometimes even in the same game

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Winning an NHL game with Harry Zolnierczyk, Ben Holmstrom, Zac Rinaldo, Erik Gustafsson, and Jody Shelley in your lineup is quite the feat. I don't care how you do it. If you want to score all your goals on American hero Ryan Miller in the first 6 minutes and then not really have much offense afterwards that's fine

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Flyers Gameday: Buffalo


For the first time since dispatching them in last year's playoffs, the Flyers are in Buffalo to take on the Sabres in a great Eastern Conference battle. Two teams that have both stumbled a bit early on will be looking to start off right in November.  Ex-Flyer Billy Leino, who charmed our hearts the last two years with his massive beard and timely scoring is now dead to us

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