Would You Start Zepp?

While I am not upset with the decision of Craig Berube to go with Rob Zepp over Ray Emery tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning, I am surprised.

Berube has been a pretty big advocate of Emery.

And no matter how you look at this, from Emery's viewpoint, this is a slap in the mask.

You're calling up someone from the AHL to start when you have a veteran NHL player available who has see

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On Berube, Morin, Timonen, No. 1 D-man

Good news for Flyers fans.

Craig Berube's team jumped four percentage points in the playoff chance. That is, Sportsclubstats.com now ranks the Flyers chances at post-season play at 18%, following Saturday's 5-1 rout of Carolina.

People keep asking me whether it wouldn't be better for the Flyers to simply "tank" the season and try for a home run in the draft.

Anyone who knows Ed Snider _

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Lindros, LeClair Share Their Memories

Eric Lindros / John LeClair pre-game presser, courtesy of the Flyer beat writers:

LINDROS: We were just talking about the last time we had suits on together. It’s been a while. Maybe my wedding?
LECLAIR: I think that was the last time

(Say to fans)
LECLAIR: It was great. They always made you feel welcome, especially here. The support was second to none. We always felt that support.

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Better News on Coburn

As dire as things sounded Thursday night when Flyers general manager Ron Hextall said that it appeared Braydon Coburn was going to miss a decent amount of games, the news got better on Friday.

Hextall told reporters that Coburn's injury does not appear to be as serious as presumed, based on initial reports. The Flyers defenseman still has to see a specialist on Monday.

Coburn is on crutches,

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Giroux on the Ice

Best news of the say, week or this month, was the unexpected early return of Flyers captain Claude Giroux on the ice this morning at Skate Zone.

He was to have missed up to two weeks with a groin/abdominal/hip flexor injury - take your pick. It was six days off the ice for him.

Giroux showed up to work out with teammates. Slowly at first, but things and the tempo increased over the 80 minu

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What Timonen, Hextall Said

There was no real advancement in terms of "news" today during the Kimmo Timonen news conference.

Flyers GM Ron Hextall said in August he had to prepare for the possibility Timonen would not play. That's why the club signed Michael Del Zotto.

Craig Berube told me last week he was going into camp with two, new d-pairs to try out and that was necessary since Timonen wasn't there.

That Timo

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Snider Has a New Word: Patience

The Chairman paid a visit to Skate Zone this weekend.

Ed Snider, free of cancer since mid-August, dropped by to chat with Ron Hextall and Paul Holmgren.

Snider had quite a few things to say to the media, as well.

There was an unusually long rant about how he perceives his clubs have been "snake bitten" since last winning a Stanley Cup - 1975.

Injuries, concussions, player meltdowns i

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