Time’s Yours, Steve and Claude

Every time we think Steve Mason is about to go into the net for the Flyers or whether he's going to remain out, something unexpected occurs.

Last weekend, we all thought Mason would go in Game 2 based on a practice the previous day that was so upbeat, the Flyers sent Cal Heeter to Hershey.

Next day, we find out that Mason had all kinds of head/neck issues and wasn't going and Heeter was bein

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Emery Needs Help Today

Reading the comments out there coming off Game 1 of this Flyers-Rangers series and going into Game 2, there seems to be a perception that Ray Emery cost the Flyers the game.

What remains amazing to me is that it was 1-1 in the third period when the Flyers were being so badly outplayed. Emery gave them a chance.

When you don't get offensive draws, when there is no forecheck, no setup and mos

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The Curse Continues

We often kid ourselves in the Flyers press room about the "curse" that seemingly has hung over this franchise since last winning a Stanley Cup in 1975.

Which means, any of you reading this or scanning Hockeybuzz weren't even born back then.

The familiar refrain every year spring with the Flyers has been, "they got questions in goal."

This was the one season in I don't know how long where

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Down to the Wire

The last thing the Flyers wanted to have happened was to come into the final weekend of the regular season with pressure to win out.

And what happens on Friday night with Columbus playing at Tampa Bay will have a direct impact on either increasing the pressure or relieving some of it.

As good as this team felt about itself after clinching a playoff berth on Tuesday in Florida, they looked

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Why Can’t Flyers Admit Punishment Was Correct?

Judging from the reaction out there in Twitter and other sites, I don't think there are many Flyer fans or hockey fans, in general, who feel Zac Rinaldo was tagged with something he didn't deserve.

A 4-game suspension for a deliberate head shot against Chad Ruhwedel. Those four games carry through the remainder of the regular season.

Had there been six games left, I think Rinaldo would hav

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So Why the Secrecy?

One of the odd injuries to come out of the Bruins-Flyers shootout on Sunday was Kimmo Timonen taking a deflection off his chin.

Monday was an optional skate with just 14 players on the ice. Timonen wasn't one of them. In fact , his equipment remained behind in his locker stall long after everyone else's had been packed to St. Louis this afternoon.

Timonen stayed behind. That means Erik Gus

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Holmgren, MacDonald And Such

I don't think anyone should be surprised at how little the Flyers did as the trade deadline came and went.

They upgraded on defense. They moved Andrej Meszaros, who they weren't going to re-sign this summer.

They didn't get Shea Weber. No one did.

You didn't seriously think they were in the Ryan Kesler sweeps did you? That was a ruse to drive the price up on Pittsburgh and Kesler never

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Weekend Sweep for Flyers

PITTSBURGH _ It's almost like the Phillies sweeping the Pirates in a double-header back in the late 1970s when they were the dominant clubs in the NL East.

Except this is many decades later and it's hockey and the Flyers have begun their "Deadly Dozen" stretch run through the first week of April with two wins against the Metro Division leading Penguins.

Great execution by the Flyers all w

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Twelve Games of Fate

With apologies Lee Marvin and the cast of The Dirty Dozen, I went on CSN this week and wrote on the website that the Flyers upcoming schedule should be aptly titled, “The Deadly Dozen.”

Twelve games against teams that are all ahead of them in the standings or have more points than them. Twelve games against 12 teams that are all holding playoff positions. As do the Flyers.

This is gonna

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Ray Emery Update

The last time Ray Emery was on the ice handling shots for more than five minutes was Feb. 27 during the Flyers 7-3 blowout loss to San Jose.

He tried last Monday and had to quit early because he groin pull was bothering him too much.

Emery returned to the net today for his first Flyers practice in more than 11 days and handled things well.

Not well enough to play, though. Steve Mason wil

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