Spectrum Tribute Video

A tribute to the Spectrum in its final year of existence.

Champions talk about the Spectrum reunion

Terry Crisp, Bernie Parent, Jimmy Watson, Orest Kindrachuk, Joe Watson, Don Saleski, Gary Dornhoefer, and Dave Schultz members of the 1974 and 1975 Stanley Cup teams talk about the Spectrum reunion on October 7, 2008.

Sami Kapanen retires from the FLyers and NHL

Sad to see Sami go.
Now if we can just transfer Sami's hard working, hard playing, team first ethics to Briere. Both players are literally the same size. Besides heart, there is no reason he cant play with the same intensity as Sami always did.

Forsberg a Flyer???

The Calgary Sun has reported that former Flyer Peter Forsberg has been contacted by the Philadelphia Flyers to possibly return to the team as early as mid-November.

Currently Forsberg is recovering from his injuries last year by playing with MoDo of the Swedish Elite League.

Other teams interested in the veteran center are the Dallas Stars, Colorado Avalanche and the Ottawa Senators. The Stars made the impressive move of sending GM Doug Armstrong and special adviser Brett Hull to Sweden to meet with Forsberg in a face-to-face meeting.

Phillyburbs.com writes, "he (Forsberg) wants to return to Philly to make amends for last season.”

Flyers GM Paul Homegren would welcome him with arms wide open. “If Peter is going to come back and he's healthy, we would have interest,” Holmgren confirmed the other day. “And we would hope that he would have interest in coming here.”

The Flyers however only have $2.5 million in cap space left after all of their signings in the off season. Hopefully Forsberg will want to play due to the fact at how great the team has looked so far this year and not for the money.

I took the liberty to come up with some offensive line combinations if Forsberg would return....

Richards - Forsberg – Upshall
Richards - Forsberg – Lupul
Lupul - Forsberg – Kapanen
Kapanen - Forsberg - Hartnell

You decide!

Remembering the Legion of Doom

Flyers need an enforcer

So says former Flyer Todd Fedoruk.

"Eags did a good job last year. He saw a lot of heavyweights and I think he's very capable of fighting the heavyweights in this league."

"But I think at his age he does need a veteran heavyweight or maybe a young up-and-comer."

I don't agree with the Fridge that the Flyers need basically another enforcer.
And his quotes really contradict each other. First he says Eager is capable, then he says he needs help.
I can see a veteran heavyweight, but a young up-and-comer? Eager is only 23 and really only played one full season with the Flyers, playing 88 games over the past 2 season.

Lets look at the other players on the team. I don't know much about a few of the recent pickups Lupul, Hartnell, Smith but the Flyers have a few guys that can throw down. In the past Richards has taken it upon himself to go at it. I think its quite possible that he develops into a defensive type of player that takes care of business. And what about Hatcher? He plays real good defense as along as he doesn't have to move. I would rather have him have these extra duties then tying up more cap money trying to sign a #1 heavy weight. Isn't he big enough?

Todd Fedoruk

Fedoruk signed with the Dallas Stars, so he wont be back next season. I figured as much since Eager has shown he can fill that role along with having a little bit more offensive side. I hope Fedoruk does well, but he took a pounding this year being dropped hard twice. Not sure how many years the Fridge has left, he didnt look too well finishing last season.

Some of the Fridge's better fights.

Joni Pitkanen

I was somewhat surprised to see Pitkanen the Shitkanen traded. I figured the Flyers would give him another year to develop. He was not the only reason the Flyers sucked ass last year.

Maybe this vid is more then Fedoruk being, well Fedoruk. Maybe Pitkanen's attitude was just not good for the team.

Or maybe it was because of this.

I can see Ed Snider getting all red in the face demanding all booger eaters be traded.