Meltzer’s Musings: Best Playmakers, Voracek, Quick Hits

Ranking the Top 10 Playmakers in Flyers History

Throughout their 46-year history, the Philadelphia Flyers have boasted some of the best setup men in the game. From early era puck wizard Andre Lacroix to current-day captain Claude Giroux, one thing the Flyers have rarely lacked is top-notch playmakers.

On a cumulative statistical basis, the top 10 assist men in franchise history from first to

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Meltzer’s Musings: Shot Volumes, Powe, Quick Hits


Two weeks ago, I spoke at length with Brian Boucher about an array of goaltending-related topics. The former Flyers netminder discussed his views on topics ranging from why today's NHL goalies are usually bigger than the ones of even 15 to 20 years ago, the effects of the trapezoid and why save percentage standards around hockey have be

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Meltzer’s Musings: Clarke Turns 65, Quick Hits


Who was your first sports hero as a child? When I was growing up as a young Flyers fan in the 1970s, the entire Broad Street Bullies team was a collection of superheroes in my mind. There were two players among them who were a step even beyond that: Bobby Clarke and Bernie Parent.

From ages 3 to 14, I deified Clarke. So did all of my friends. Only the Lord saved more than Be

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Meltzer’s Musings: Flyers Pilgrimages, Quick Hits


Tomorrow is Bob Clarke's 65th birthday. In honor of the single most important on-ice figure in Flyers franchise history, tomorrow's blog will be focused on Clarke's legacy and the influence he has had on two-plus generations of hockey in Philadelphia.

For today, I thought it would be fun to revisit and expand upon an offseason topic I have explored

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Meltzer’s Musings: Raffl, Linseman, Quick Hits


Flyers forward Michael Raffl recently did an interview with Austrian-based Web site Hockey-News.Info. The player said that while he was happy with his rookie season in from the standpoint of successfully breaking into the NHL, he felt that there many opportunities he was given that he didn't seize to their full advantage.

Specifically, Raffl felt th

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Meltzer’s Musings: Tradition and Adaptation

On November 16, 1997, I covered an American Hockey League game at the Philadelphia Spectrum. It wasn't anything that happened in the Philadelphia Phantoms' 6-3 win over the Kentucky Thoroughblades that made it memorable and special to me.

Rather, it was the first professional hockey game I was ever credentialed to cover in the pressbox. Of all the assorted press passes I have kept since then -

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