Bobby Farnham vs Samuel Morin Sep 26, 2017

Bobby Farnham vs Samuel Morin from the New York Rangers at Philadelphia Flyers preseason game on Sep 26, 2017.

1 thought on “Bobby Farnham vs Samuel Morin Sep 26, 2017

  1. Now, I hope that everyone realizes just how valuable Sam Morin is. His size is monstrous. His reach is Chara like. And this young man can easily put on 10-15 more pounds. He will can play the role of a much–needed enforcer for a lineup loaded with young talent. His biggest upside is that he CAN play a regular shift in the National Hockey League. I have watched Sam’s progress coming out of Juniors and the only fear I had was that the Flyers didn’t put enough value on a player, who like Prongs, can play with an edge and take business in front of the crease. My biggest nightmare now would be seeing Sam in an opponents’ uniform.

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