I Dislike Sergei Gonchar. Troll me.

When Sergei Gonchar scored the 4th goal in the Penguins Shhh Comeback last April so effortlessly he became my most hated Penguin. Crosby, Staal, Malkin, Orpik - I dislike them. But I think I always had it in me to hate Gonchar. Before the puck came to him you knew he was going to score. As he began to wind up you knew where it was going. And when it was sitting in the net behind Marty Biron you were laying on the floor, beer spilled everywhere. When Sergei Gonchar laid a hit on one of the toughest little fuckers in the NHL a couple weeks ago that would have seen him suspended for 20 games if the hit had taken place in the OHL and he got off Scott free because of a supossed good reputation, he joined Steve Ott on the tallest podium I have as one of my most hated ambassadors of a a game a luuuuv (Miller Lite commercial that is not funny).

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