Flyers Can’t Survive Blackhawks’ Blitz


Down 3-2 now...where to go? (Courtesy: Aaaaaarrggghhhh! What a frustrating and heartbreaking loss that was.  The Blackhawks took Game 5, 7-4, and now hold a 3-2 series lead. They’re one win from taking the Cup and ending their drought. Going into the game, everyone kind of expected Chicago to come out blazing for the first 10 minutes, and then for things to settle down. Well, that first 10 turned into the first 20, and they ended up lighting up the Flyers for 3 goals. Leighton looked less than stellar, and didn’t come back after the first intermission.  With Boucher in net, things didn’t improve too much.  The teams traded a pair of goals in the second, so Chicago still held their 3 goal cushion heading into the third

Original post: Flyers Can’t Survive Blackhawks’ Blitz

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