Miracle on Grass


30 years ago, they came to the US , the Winter Games in Lake Placid.  They skated smoothly, passed crisply, and scored at will.  They were the USSR , the best national hockey team in the world.  We all know how the story ends. USA with the historic upset, Al Michaels with the legendary call, and a nation with a memory that transcends generations. Upset special (Courtesy: images.art.com) If you are on the main BSB page, please click Continue Reading to see the rest of the post. Today, Friday August 27, 2010, a new group of Americans has a chance to make history.  In Moscow, there is a 5v5 soccer tournament taking place right now for teenagers aged 15 and 16.  USA , England , Russia , Brazil , Uzbekistan and several other make up the 18 team tournament.  The kids representing each country all have Russian heritage, either being born in a former Russian Republic and emigrating at a young age, or having been born in the country that they represent to parents who moved there.  This isn’t about all of them, however.  This is about Team USA . Make no mistake, these kids aren’t just American on paper.  They’ve either been here their entire life, or close to it.  They love pizza, burgers, and X-Box 360.  As of right now, they’ve gotten two rounds further than any US team has gotten before.  And they are not done.  They face off against England for the bronze.  This isn’t as big as Mike Eruzione , or Landon Donovan , but it’s nothing to ignore either.  They are representing the red, white and blue on the world stage. I know this is a Flyers blog, but I think we needed some sort of public service announcement to make this known.

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