Afternoon Nightmares Continue for Flyers


Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE A pair of matinees over the weekend put a lot of things in perspective for hockey fans in the city of brotherly love, as the Flyers lost back to back against the Devils and Rangers. Let’s see how long the list of problems was, while keeping the issue of goaltending aside because it will be beaten to death over the next couple of months. … [ visit site to read more ] Afternoon Nightmares Continue for Flyers - Broad Street Buzz - Broad Street Buzz - A Philadelphia Flyers Blog

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One thought on “Afternoon Nightmares Continue for Flyers

  1. This team asolutely does not have any decernable system in place… This team has taken more penalties than any other team in the league and that shows just how undiciplined they really are. And even though they’ve had more experience killing off penalties, they rank 16th in PK, the lower half of the league.
    They’ve come out flat and unprepared to play, giving up more goals in the first few seconds or minutes and blown more 2 goal leads than I can even count… They play with no sense of urgency most of the time and others just stop skating or skate so slow it’s embarassassing.
    They pass so much their PP stinks and raks in the lower 1/2 of the league. I want to know when the coach is going to take the blame for all of these issues that have been exactly the same for over 2 years and has used 10 different players.
    Laviolette either doesn’t know how to fix this or doesn’t think there’s any issues to be fixed. In either case, as a teaching coach he flat out stinks to high heaven and needs to go.

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