How Do We Rate This Flyers Season?


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One thought on “How Do We Rate This Flyers Season?

  1. How anyone can say this season is anything other than a huge disappointment is a mystery.

    While the team had to overcome the loss of Pronger, and had several key players out with concussions, and with terrible goal tending issues the fact that they made the playoffs and whipped the Penquins is great, but…..

    To watch the other teams still alive in the playoffs, shows just how weak and under achieving this group is.

    Both GM and Coach have to bear the brunt of criticism for this total 2nd round collapse.

    Watching the team just dump and chase the puck against the Devils, and the almost casual attitude, even when consistently losing puck battles, well, that is a motivation problem. Motivation problems are coaching problems…..
    The fact that most of the teams “stars” did not show up in the final series.
    That is a personnel problem.

    Personnel problems, choice of players filling the roster, that is the GM’s job.

    Is all of this a bit of an over reaction?

    Well, everyone involved is making more money per season than the average fan will likely see perhaps, in their lifetime. In other words, with a big reward comes a big responsibility, and our GM, coach and team, are falling far short of their stated goal………

    Was our current starting goal tender really the best option? Why did he have to be signed for such a long period of time? Who exactly coaches the Goalies?
    Shouldn’t that person be replaced?

    This team sells out it’s venue almost all of the time.

    There appears to be more than enough money to put together the right kind of team to get a cup.

    All we appear to lack are the correct decision makers…….

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